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Safety is the first priority when you shop for cheap bunk beds in London. Homeowners love these beds because of their economy on space and convenience. Kids on the other hand enjoy climbing up and playing on these beds. However, childrens bunk beds are rife with danger and you must take precautions to ensure that safety is of top priority.

In essence, bunk beds can either be two or three-tier sleeping systems. One bed is in contact with the floor while a matching one is cleverly attached on top. This ingenious design is a great method of saving on space for households with several children. Two or more kids can sleep in the same vicinity that a single bed would usually take up. Hence, the use of vertical space enables homeowners to utilize limited spaces despite the number of children they have.

Guide to Buying Safe and Cheap Bunk Beds for Kids Online

As mentioned before, safety is a major concern when you are shopping for cheap bunk beds in London. Subjective analysis will reveal the strengths and potential weaknesses of the bed. The materials and skills of the carpenter determine the strength of the bed. Therefore, be on the lookout for solid construction techniques and conformity to safety standards.

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A recent report from the Maryport, Cumbria district warned parents of the potential hazards in bunk beds. This was after the accidental death of a four-year-old boy who fell and had his head trapped on a double-decker bed. However, the bed itself lacked sufficient barriers due to poor assembly.

Children’s bunk beds must conform to British Safety Standard number BS EN 747:1993 according to the law. Thus, the retailer should present evidence of this safety standard when you buy the bed.

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Another point to put in mind when you are shopping for affordable bunk beds is knowing the ideal colour for boys rooms and likewise for girls. It is actually preferable to have the end goal in mind, when shopping for cheap bunk beds in London, though you may order online.

Some of the safety aspects to look out for when choosing double or triple bunk beds from retailers include:
-No Gaps should be present in the railings/ barriers.
-Minimum gap of 300mm to permit access on the barrier, located on the long side of the bed.
-The top bunk must have guardrails on both sides. Do not depend rely on the wall to offer protection.
-The ladder should have treads at least 3cm wide and 20cm apart.
-The slats underneath the mattress should have gaps that are no less than 7.5cm.
-The mattress should fit snugly around the bed and leave a space of about 10cm below the guardrail.
The features above will ensure maximum safety for your children as they sleep every night.

Where can I buy Cheap Bunk Beds in London

Safety is the keyword when you are shopping for cheap bunk beds in London. This is especially critical for children’s bunk beds. Whether you are looking for cheap bunk beds with mattresses or triple bunk beds, you can buy all your bedding needs online here. Order for cheap bunk beds next day delivery.

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